Southern California
Commercial Plumbers

When plumbing issues strike, our commercial customers depend on us to arrive quickly and to fix any issues on the spot. Every minute that a plumbing problem goes untreated is a minute that can be costing a commercial business owner money. Fortunately, the team at Amazing Plumbing can minimize or even eliminate those losses. We arrive quickly, diagnose the problem and perform the required repair. Our fully stocked trucks are loaded with tech tools and other equipment. We have a wide variety of spare parts, so there’s usually no waiting around while additional parts get delivered.

Plumbing Installation for New Construction

We can help with many different types of small and large commercial plumbing jobs. These operations include plumbing installations for new residential and commercial construction. Our plumbers bring years of training, extensive knowledge and considerable expertise to complete a new construction installation efficiently and in accordance with local codes. Our expert in-house pipe fitter is available upon demand.

Southern California Restaurant Plumbing Services

Many restaurants have custom plumbing systems that require plumbers with specialized skills. These systems can be complicated for plumbers who lack the required training and experience. There are commercial codes in place and laws that govern restaurant drains and sinks. Not all plumbers understand restaurant water supply regulations. Code violations can lead to hefty fines or even a complete restaurant shutdown.

So-Cal Office Building Plumbers

For experienced plumbers, office building plumbing systems are relatively straightforward and represent the lion’s share of our commercial work. Because many of the office complexes we serve are located just off the 405 Freeway, we are able to respond to most emergencies within 90 minutes or less.

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