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Because so many things can go wrong with a Southern California residential plumbing system, our plumbers must have high-level industry expertise. From broken fixtures to damaged sewer lines, here are some problems that our amazing plumbers solve daily:

You Won’t Believe How Fast We Are

RooterEx is known throughout the area as the fastest plumbing company around. We respond very quickly to your call, and our highly experienced residential plumbers can fix any problem you might have faster than you’d expect. Many people who call plumbing companies complain of slow response times, but you won’t have that problem with us. We can usually get to you in 90 minutes or less.

Rooter Services

Unclog drains and toilets with Amazing Plumber’s powerful rooter services. A rooter is a drain cleaning device that’s specially designed to cut through tough clogs from tree roots and other stubborn impacted debris.

Leak-sealing Services

If there is a leak in your LA home, Amazing Plumbing can find it and repair it. We provide leak-sealing services on all pipes and fixtures.

Repiping services and damaged pipe replacement

Repiping is an upgrade of a home’s water supply lines. It involves a total replacement of your existing plumbing system. We will remove all the old pipes and replace them with shiny new ones. Our amazing plumbers also repair and replace damaged sections of pipe that are no longer viable. Additionally, we can assist with plumbing upgrades in home remodels or plumbing installations in home additions.

Repair and install hot water tanks and tankless water heaters

Hot water tanks are fueled by propane, natural gas, electricity, solar energy or heating oil. One tank can store up to 100 gallons of hot water. Tankless water heaters are stand-alone units powered by electricity. In these systems, water is warmed by an electric heating element as it flows through the unit. As long as the element is turned on, you’ll always have enough hot water.

Detect and repair slab leaks

Water and sewer pipes that run underneath the concrete foundation of your home can break. When they do, they create slab leaks. Water that seeps into the ground can cause structural damage to your home. Slab leaks can crack a home’s foundation. These cracks can cause serious property damage and result in expensive repairs. If the water penetrates your home, your possessions may not be salvageable.

Sewer line repair and replacement

To identify the precise location of a sewer line leak, we perform a video inspection. In many cases, sewer lines are damaged by an invasion of roots. Alternatively, the sewer lines themselves may be wearing out and ready for replacement. We can determine from the video whether you need sewer line repair or sewer line replacement. We will then supply you with an estimate of the total cost of the job. Trenchless sewer line repair is a method we can use to access and repair your pipes without tearing up your walls, floor and foundation. This technology minimizes surface disruptions, reduces reinstallation costs and takes less time overall. Sewer line repair and replacement are delicate operations. These maneuvers should only be performed by experienced and licensed plumbers with specialized skills.

Plumbing system inspections

If you don’t know the existing state of your plumbing, it might be worthwhile to find out. Call us to schedule a one-time, whole-house plumbing inspection. When it comes to plumbing, it’s good to know where you stand.

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